Socialize Your Puppy and your Dog!

Baby humans and baby dogs neither one come into this life knowing anything about the world around them. Can you imagine raising a child and never letting them see anyone except you and never taking them anywhere except your back yard? Don't you think a child or a dog would act somewhat strange or weird when they finally met another person or went somewhere? Of course they would!

Socializing your dog simply means giving your dog regular social opportunities. This will allow your precious canine friend to figure out how to behave and interact with all types of people, other dogs, other animals and in various situations. Make lots of play dates with as many people and their dogs as possible. Take note of the dogs that your dog really takes a shine to and gets along with well. Those are the ones you make a point to see again.

Sometimes a puppy may show a little dominance, so allowing that puppy to play with bigger and older dogs can be helpful. The older and larger dogs will put them in their place and keep them in line so-to-speak. Just watch close and make sure they do not bully and push around your puppy, because this could create stress or cause your puppy or any dog to loose confidence.

You have a most wonderful opportunity to show and teach your precious canine friend all about proper behaviors, people, animals, car rides, motorcycles, bicycles, horses, kitty cats, and everything else in the world around them.

How and what you communicate to when they are in these very young puppyhood stages, will effect their development and behavior forever.
Socialize your puppy everyday.

Dogs are very social and just like people, they long for friends and companionship. Many puppy and dog owners will take their pooch to the same dog park every day or weekly and let their boy or girl make regular doggie friends. This physical romping around session and canine social affaire is time well invested for you and your puppydog.

Include your dog in as many activities as you possibly can. This helps to develop mental stability and a special bond between you.

Include your Dog

Once your puppy is fully immunized, (booster vaccinations complete) it's time to be going on as many positive, pleasant and non threatening neighborhood walks, outings, and adventures as possible. However, everyone should avoid such areas that you feel unknown, stray, unvaccinated animals might have access to.

Give your puppy the opportunity to interact with a multitude of other people's pets (friendly, healthy and vaccinated) and a wide variety of people (with facial hair, no facial hair, male, female, neighbor's children, different ethnic backgrounds, elderly), places (vets, friends, your office, banks, post offices, rivers, beaches, lakes, hiking trails, swimming pools, stairs), situations (car rides, other peoples houses with dog friendly cats, pull your car over in a busy area and let your puppy observe the world of people, scents, and activities through the vehicle window with it just cracked enough to hear and smell), things (Kong toys, bones, umbrellas, vacuum cleaners, boxes, bags, wood stoves), and even busy, loud places occasionally.

All puppies need to have the good fortune to explore and investigate their planet. Some people will carry their young puppy to and through shopping centers, parks, school play grounds and start out slow with short, frequent adventures.

Accustom your puppy to being touched all over, brushed, handled, teeth and ears inspected, bathed, nails clipped and overall physically examined comfortably by you and others. It is much more productive to relax, take it slow and easy with brief exposures to a myriad of good things.

By doing the social activities above, you will have a very well rounded, socialized dog.
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