Fun and Favorite Puppy Training Games

About Games

The proper types of games and activities can benefit puppies and dogs of all ages, temperaments, breeds, and even abilities. Playing good games and interacting with your canine friend can build that strong bond of love and understanding, keep your puppy's mind alert, energetic, help your friend to cope with lifestyle and environmental stresses, and sometimes even build a strong heart and muscles through exercise.

Many games will have a trigger, an anticipated behavior and then a consequence.

Your puppy can learn trust, confidence, a greater understanding, and recognize your consistent signals and body language, and associate these signals with the activity, happy feeling, and rewards given to them.

After your puppy has learned several commands and maybe some of the hand signals that go with them and is relatively obedient, there are many favorite and fun games you can play with your canine friends.

The "Watch Me" Game is an especially wonderful training game to play with your younger puppy. It helps you, as a canine owner to understand how to be consistent with your body language and communication commands, how to determine if your puppy is responding to you standing still, to your hand signals, to your verbal commands, eye contact, or a combination of any of these. You can also gauge if your puppy is responding to food treats, verbal praise, physical contact like: petting, scratching, patting, or hugging, and can also allow you to discover your new puppy's attitude, posture, body language, self control capability, and developing character.

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