5 Day Puppy Training Course

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"For the Love of your Dog"
5 Day FREE Puppy Training Course

This No-Cost course is where you will learn Everything in Detail. You will be shown how to start out on the right paw and experience the true enjoyment of a loving, lifetime, canine family member. This course covers the most important training strategies that are necessary for all the training procedures you will ever need to do with your dog and it is yours FREE with absolutely no obligation whatsoever. We have done this "For the Love of your Dog".

This NoFreeLunchDog "Puppy Training Course" teaches you How to properly train your new little puppydog to be a perfect gentleman or a patient little lady when they are young, then there should be no need to ever deal with all the negative behavior problems that you see other people's dogs having: like pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, barking because they want something, or ignoring their masters.

This puppydog training course is where you will learn all the building blocks of great obedience and canine etiquette. This awesome, lifestyle training strategy can be done with a dog of any age.

Building a healthy state of mind through patience, waiting, work and love is essential for your puppy's well being and happiness. You will learn How to develop and improve your relationship with your precious canine friends.

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Below is a short summary of what you will learn in
"The Puppy Training Course"
Puppy Preparations | Feeding Strategy | Recall Command
Leash Training | Door Training

Play with your Puppy

No Free Lunch Dog Puppy Preparations (day1)

All puppies want to know who to follow and what to do with their lives and your job is to challenge your precious canines mind, give them understanding of their boundaries, house rules and help them follow these rules, discipline, and share your love with them, so they can learn consequences and be happy.

You are the main source of your puppydog’s regular daily energy and you can triumphantly succeed together when you are aware of what your puppy's needs are and how to fulfill them properly. You are the role model and leader your puppydog watches, depends on, loves, wags their tail at, and looks to each day for their direction, rules, encouragement, acceptance, and of course: their daily nourishing sustenance like healthy food and fresh water.

When you the take the time to provide the proper feeding method, conditioning, training, intellectual stimulation, a healthy diet, the best vitamins, and adequate exercise for your sweet pooch, you will have that outstanding dog who has a solid, well rounded, obedience education, is a joy to live with, wants to obey you, responds well to all household routines, has good manners in the presence of people and other dogs, and fully enjoys the blessings of your company and life itself.

A canine will be much more responsive and trainable when they are cared for properly and receive the love, interaction, nutrition, essential vitamins, socialization, and the exercise they require.

Feeding Strategy (day2)

This is the proper and successful feeding foundation method that is used as the basis for every training procedure you will ever do with your dog. It will help your beloved canine friend be happy and want to obey you. This feeding technique will change your dog’s behavior for the good and it works with all dogs and puppies. It is a must for all dog and puppy owners.

By practicing these elementary feeding strategy principles everyday with your wonderful canine friend, you will gently and effectively communicate to them that their position in the hierarchy is very submissive and subordinate to yours. By using this very simple method of feeding, your puppy will definitely be a better and more patient dog.

This very uncomplicated feeding strategy will teach you how to practice loving, assertive, discipline with your precious friend and put you both on the road to developing that dynamic dog of your dreams.

It is amazing how this very successful feeding technique will cultivate a strong healthy mind, permanently change your puppy, and build good canine behaviors.

We humans on earth work by the sweat of our brow, so this is not a new concept by any means. Without the bitter, there is no sweet. Hopefully as humans, we strive to "Eat to Live" as opposed to "Live to eat". but that is a whole different subject and hitting too close to home. Successful people teach their children to make their bed, put their dirty clothes into a laundry basket, get dressed and then come to breakfast.

As a successful canine owner you must teach your canine to do their chores before eating. With many dogs being quite food driven, you know that this enjoyment of eating is what they live for, and naturally they learn to love the hands that feed them. You will learn how to harness this "drive for food" that your puppy has and use it to teach them everything you want them to know.

Recall Command (day3)

One of the greatest pleasures in life can be from the daily joy we obtain from our faithful canine friends. Educating yourself about dog training, and caring for your puppy, is really very simple and the most important thing that you can do to ensure the lifelong happiness of your canine family member.

Teaching the recall command is one of those initial building blocks that are necessary. When your puppy reliably obeys the recall command "Come", it can allow you both to have more fun, enjoy off leash parks and areas, and could someday save your beloved canine friend's life.

The free Puppy Training Course will teach you multiple training methods to assure your puppy will always come to you when you call them.

Teaching the Recall Command
Leash Training (day4)

Part of having fun with your puppy is going for walks with them. Walking with your puppy on and off a leash is very healthy for you both and one of the easiest ways for you to develop loyalty, an obedient and more stable mind, and a deep eternal friendship with your sweetheart.

The more you walk with your puppy, the stronger the bond between you. All puppydogs want to go on exploring adventures in the world and what better way than to go on a walk with their beloved best friend whom they look to for all their needs and is the center of their universe.

This free course goes into great detail and will teach you everything you will ever need to know about training your puppy to walk politely on a Leash.

Door Training (day5)

When you use this logical and simple method of door training, you will soon have that well mannered, canine friend who politely greets you and your guests at your door and would never think about jumping up on a human or running in or out of a door in front of you.

This free course will teach you everything you will ever need to know about training your puppy to have polite manners at your door and everywhere you go.