The Premack Principle

"The Premack's Principle has been around since 1959. It states that more probable behaviors will reinforce less probable behaviors. Below is How the Premack Principle has inspired "No Free Lunch Dog Training".

Here is how Premack's Principle is used:

A Mother Says: "You have to finish your VEGETABLES (Low Frequency) before you can have some ICE CREAM (High Frequency)"

In Canine Trainers Terms: "You have to "SIT" (Low Frequency) before your can "OKAY-COME IN" (High Frequency)"

Premack's Principle was derived originally from a study of monkeys, but it has been proven to have explanatory and predictive power when it is applied to humans and canines. This is evidenced by the fact that therapists and animal behaviorists use this principle in behavior modification.

David Premack phd 's initial studies revolutionized the understanding of the nature of behavioral reinforcement. In what became famous as Premack's principle, he showed us a surprising answer to the question "what is reinforcing?" The answer was that reinforcers are relative, revealing that the nature of reinforcement was more dynamic and subtle than many had believed.

Premack's Principle suggests that if a student wants to perform a given activity, the student will perform a less desirable activity to accomplish the more desirable activity. Students and Canines will be more motivated to perform a particular activity if they know that they will be able to partake of a more desirable activity as a consequence.

If high probability behaviors (more desirable behaviors) are made contingent upon lower probability behaviors (less desirable behaviors), then the lower probability behaviors are more likely to occur.

This psychological principle is used quite effectively to dramatically affect the behaviors of canines in "The No Free Lunch Dog Training".

In behavioural terms Premack's principle states that any high-frequency activity can be used as a reinforcer for any lower-frequency activity.

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