Fun for Everyone:
Children and Roommates
Your dog must wait and be attentive to everyone in your family

Enlist all the people in your home, including your children to practice the same loving policies with your canine family members. If you want your puppy to obey your children, then your children need to be involved and participate in training your puppy also.

Many families will make a list of the "doggie words" and "doggie training techniques" and place the list on the refrigerator or in a place where everyone can read it. Once your puppy has mastered a few of your basic commands, you can give your little pooch anything (food, a treat, a walk, a pat on the head, scratching their back), but before you share this love and attention with them, they must first perform one of the commands they have learned, they must say "Please".

Giving you a Puppy Please is one of the single most important canine building blocks your puppy will ever learn. This concept alone will help your puppy to build a stable mind and develop a patient, obedient attitude with the desire to please you.

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