Fun Puppy Training Games
Where is it ?  --  Instructions

This fun game is called "Where is it?" or "Find It". It is really a "hide and seek" game with objects, such as personal toys (rope ball) or favorite treats (pig ear). Have a friend hold your puppy while you place the toy or treat a few feet away in plain sight. Return to your puppy and say, "Where's the pig ear? Find it. Find the pig ear," and let your puppy go. If your little tyke bolts to the pig ear, that's great! If he or she doesn't, walk with them to the pig ear, point it out, they'll grab it and then you praise them.

As your puppy gets better and better, you can make the hiding places farther away and harder and harder. You will also want to expand your puppy's vocabulary, by adding various toys. As they grow older, you can give them the command to sit before they go find something. Puppies can learn many toys, objects and treats by name playing this game. This is a wonderful rainy-day game to play with your puppy and quite handy in the state of Washington.

This game is also convenient when you are going to go somewhere and leave a stuffed Kong for your puppy to chew on. You can say "Where is your Kong? Find it". Then leave and let he or she have at it.

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