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We're all about helping you to develop that dynamic dog of your dreams and showing you how to Love your PuppyDog! We are a friendly, well-informed community of dog owners and dog care specialists working toward a common cause: making dog ownership easier and more enjoyable for everyone who owns a dog.

No Free Lunch Dogs has been built on a unique idea of bringing a simple to understand Puppy Obedience Training Course to dog owners worldwide without a monetary charge involved. Simply put: "For the Love of your Dog".

Our mission is to help dog owners throughout the world realize their full potential in training and living harmoniously with their beloved canine friends. We focus on kindness, respect, committment and responsibly caring for your dog.

We are a network of concerned animal trainers, canine behaviorists, veterinarians, physicians, pharmacists, dog owners, nutritional scientists, and parents who have set out to help kids, families and people worldwide get the ultimate most out of your relationship with your precious canine friends.

Our unique approach and reputation for excellence has gained notice around the world. The company generates income to support the free puppy training classes through the purchases that kind people make from the items and links on our web site: http://www.nofreelunchdogs.com.

Whether your doggie piddles in the neighbor's yard, you are are worried that your aggresive dog might bite someone, or perhaps your dog eats your shoes while you are gone, or maybe you just want to learn how to love and train your puppy to be the best dog ever, regardless of what your pet's issue is; the No Free Lunch Dog Team is here to help you with a myriad of great pet information and animal care tips.

No Free Lunch Dog Training was inspired by The Premack Principle

As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, continual self-improvement, mutual respect, openness, and personal excellence. We are committed to our customers, partners and affiliates, and have a passion for providing the best opportunities for people of the world to grow closer and develop a sense of harmony and happiness with their canine friends and each other. We pride ourselves in honoring our commitments, helping others achieve results, and striving for the highest quality goals.

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