No Free Lunch Dogs Word Dictionary

These can be verbal words that you say to your dog or hand signals that you show to your dog, or better yet, both. These verbal and hand commands let your puppy know that you want them to do something for you.

This can be an actual kennel or crate, but it can also be a specific confined area like a bathroom with a child gate instead of a door, or a pen set up in a spare room. It is a safe place that will limit your puppy's access to the house until all the house rules are learned – like what can and can’t be chewed on and where to go and not to go potty.

This is what your puppy does to receive food, affection, attention and basically anything he or she would like to receive in life. The simple and effective rule is that nothing will be denied, nor withheld from your puppy, but your puppy has to sit or do what is asked of them beforehand. This is common canine courtesy. Nothing more than a puppy "please".

In no time at all, your puppy will learn the relevance of complying with your wishes and be happy to oblige.

Some canine experts have said that you need to convince your puppy that he or she is the trainer and you are the pupil. Your puppy needs to believe that "Sit" is the canine cue that makes his or her owners do the things they want. In doggie words: "If I sit and wait, they will open doors for me. If I sit and wait, they will throw balls and Frisbees for me. If I sit and wait, they will serve me dinner."

Many trainers will change the tone of their voice to sound like a dog growling when they say "NO" to a puppy. This can cause the puppy to remember the growling sound their mother made when she was unhappy with them, helping them to realize "No" really means "NO".

Prove your love to your puppy. Give your puppy as much love as your heart can handle and then add some more! Be his or her best friend by providing the proper care that your puppy needs.

Take the time to provide the proper training, intellectual stimulation, necessary physical activity and love for your beloved canine friend. Being kind, consistent and letting your dog know that you are the alpha, pack leader in a way that your puppy keeps their dignity and has a special rank in the family pack order is very important.

Get good at being observant and learning doggie language. Canines will either treat you as a pack leader or they’ll become the pack leader. You can either leave this to chance, or you can take active steps to determine what kind of dog your puppy will become.

Pre-potty pattern
This is when your puppy has to go potty and they start walking around in circles or sniffing the ground while walking, or pacing back and forth in front of the door. The puppy will show the same behavior every time. It may vary a little from pup to pup but they always show their own "pre-potty pattern" before the act. When you notice your puppy suddenly walking or running around in circles with their nose down smelling for the perfect spot to go to the bathroom or running back and forth next to your feet or the door, it's time to snatch them up and run to your pre arranged potty spot and tell them to "go potty".

Verbal Cues
Specific verbal communications will help your puppy to know what is desired of them. It’s an excellent idea to always use the same routine and words when it’s time to head to the bathroom. Whenever you use a verbal command or signal, it’s very important that everybody in your house always uses the same word in the same way every time. Think of the word "Out?" or "Outside?" in this situation not only as a question you’re asking the puppy, but also as an indication that you want to go out or outside.

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