Fun Puppy Training Games
Hide and Seek Game  --  Instructions

This game is great fun for everyone. Have somebody hide in the house. Once the person (let's call him Jared) is hidden, you say, "Where's Jared? Find Jared”, and you walk with your puppy through the house looking for "Jared".

At first, Jared may have to make some noise to attract your puppy's attention. Once your puppy finds him, everyone should praise your puppy and tell them what a good girl or good boy they are.

Hide and Seek Game

Soon your puppy will charge around the house and property with no encouragement, finding each family member by name, showing you what a good boy or good girl and how bright they are.

Your little puppy is able to learn many, many words and lots of hand signs.

Remember that puppies and dogs recognize words like Mom and Dad and associate them with the correct person in the family.

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