What is a Doggie Please?

Doggie Please

This is what your puppy does to receive food, affection, attention and basically anything he or she would like to receive in life. The simple and effective rule is that nothing will be denied, nor withheld from your puppy, but your puppy has to sit or do what is asked of them beforehand. This is common canine courtesy. Nothing more than a puppy "please".

So Again: A Doggie Please or a Puppy Please, a Mommy Please, Daddy Please, Canine Please: Whatever you want to call it. All you need to do is have your Special Friend "Sit and Wait" before they receive what is going to happen next. This is a Kindergarten Building Block that will create the more patience than you can imagine in your Puppy. With many dogs, this is very necessary for them to be able to live harmoniously with humans.

In no time at all, your puppy will learn the relevance of complying with your wishes and be happy to oblige.

Some canine experts have said that you need to convince your puppy that he or she is the trainer and you are the pupil. Your puppy needs to believe that "Sit" is the canine cue that makes his or her owners do the things they want. In canine words: "If I sit and wait, they will open doors for me. If I sit and wait, they will throw balls and Frisbees for me. If I sit and wait, they will serve me dinner."

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