Let your Puppy ring a Bell to Tell You!

The Bell System:

Lots of people like to use the bell system for their Puppies to ask to get outside. Training your sweet pooch to ring a bell at the door can be quite handy at times. Your dog should be potty trained before you teach them about the bell, otherwise, you could find a pittle puddle at the door where they have been waiting to go outside after ringing the bell.

You hang a bell from your door knob and ring it every time you let them go out the door. As you ring the bell, you touch the bell on their nose or cause their paw to touch the bell. They soon learn if they touch the bell with their nose or their paw, it rings the bell, you come, and the door gets opened for them. They then will go and ring the bell when they want the door open to go out.

Buzzer Buttons and Door Bells

These can be installed and will work in the same fashion. You simply help your puppy to push his or her nose against the door bell or buzzer and when it makes the noise, you open the door. They catch on quite quickly.